Sharing experience through performance

Some of our parents joined Fairfield High School teachers and students on an excursion to the Monkey Baa Theatre Company performance of  “Where the Streets Had a Name”. Everyone felt very moved by the actors portrayal of how a displaced Palestinian family negotiates violence and injustice, while going about their everyday lives. This story resonated deeply with many audience members. We would like to sincerely thank Monkey Baa and Sydney Community Foundation for hosting us and supporting our attendance at this special event.

Waiting for the performance to begin

Waiting for the performance to begin

Celebrating Multicultural Day at Fairfield High

Parents Cafe was proud to support Multicultural Day at Fairfield High. The food stalls represented many countries and Parents Cafe was a popular stop for many who wanted to try some authentic middle eastern food. There was also the opportunity to relax with a traditional glass of tea or a cup of coffee in our souk.

PCFI represented at Sydney Community Foundation event.

Two ladies from our Women’s Friendship Sewing Circle, Evaa and Atyaff represented PCFI at the Sydney Women’s Fund’s Saluting Sydney Women 2017 event that honoured Ita Buttrose AO OBE Media Trailblazer, Journalist, Publisher and Health and Wellbeing Advocate. They shared their story of how being part of the SCF supported sewing circle helped them to find hope and optimism. Thank you Sydney Community Foundation for your great support.

Evaa and Atyaff with Ms. Jan Jose, CEO of Sydney Community Foundation.

Evaa and Atyaff with Ms. Jane Jose, CEO of Sydney Community Foundation.

Stitching a way to friendship and a future

Parents Cafe works to develop skills that can open up a pathway to further training and employment opportunities. Our current sewing class welcomed 15 refugee women in July and will run until December. We would like to thank our supporters – Sydney Community Foundation, The Snow Foundation, TAFE Outreach and The Social Outfit. Our ladies are very happy and excited to be learning from you. Photo credits: Alex Craig and VFF, PCFI

Supporting Fairfield High School

Parents Cafe serves parents who have children enrolled at Fairfield High School, as well as the wider local community. We work to make parents better informed citizens and more active participants in their children’s education and to provide services that build language, knowledge and practical skills. Parents Cafe also provides a safe space where the community can come and relax and receive guidance. We are proud to support the great work being done by Fairfield High School to promote our community and have participated in the Refugee Expo and Education Week events. Our parents also visited the exhibition of HSC student art works at the “Body of Works” event which they greatly enjoyed.

Spreading the word on the importance of good health

Parents Cafe recognises that good health plays an important role in the settlement journey of our parents. When people arrive in a new country they are usually preoccupied with the necessities of settling in and may overlook their health. We organise regular visits to Fairfield Hospital, STARTTS and also have guest presenters from services such as Fairfield Hospital, the Health Promotion Service at SWS LHD and the Refugee Health Service to ensure that health is discussed and people know how to access services. Parents Cafe would like to thank our health partners for their great support.